Which is the Best In-ground Pool Cleaner?

A pool cleaner is a great helper these days, so if you have an in-ground swimming pool, you definitely need to invest in an efficient unit. However, one of the biggest problems when looking for a good unit is the fact that you have so many options to choose from. Since all the research may be a little frustrating for some people, we’ve decided to present you in this article the best in-ground pool cleaner. To make sure we chose the best model, we analyzed RoboticPoolCleaner.Reviews top of automatic cleaners and we concluded that Polaris F9450 Sport is a robot pool cleaner that will surely impressive you with its many features. So, read more about its characteristics and see why we consider it the best option for any pool owner.
Which is the Best Inground Pool Cleaner Picture Which is the Best Inground Pool Cleaner Picture

Cleaning Performance

To begin with, let’s find out more about the cleaning performance of Polaris F9450 Sport. One of the most important aspects is the fact that it can successfully clean the floor, walls, but also the waterline of pools with a surface of maximum 50 feet. The 4 wheel drive system makes the unit move very easily around the pool, while the pleated brush will remove even the most stubborn debris. At the same time, due to the filter canister which features a large capacity, all the unwanted debris and dirt will be retained with absolutely no difficulty.


When it comes to features, the Polaris F9450 Sport has incorporated an intelligent navigation system that will enable it to find the optimal cleaning pattern of the pool, in order to save more time and energy. Additionally, the ActivMotion Sensor speeds up the cleaning process, while the 3D sensor keeps the cable from getting tangled. For more convenience, the model also has a 7-day programmable timer, so you can set it to clean the pool whenever you consider it necessary. Another thing we like about this robot is the lift system that makes it automatically climb up of the pool when it finishes its job. Other helpful features are the dirt canister indicator and the transport caddy.
Which is the Best Inground Pool Cleaner Picture Which is the Best Inground Pool Cleaner Picture

Design and Ease of Use

Even though the design of a robotic pool cleaner is not the most important aspect, it’s still helpful to find out some details on its size, weight, and so on. Therefore, in comparison to other pool cleaners, the Polaris F9450 Sport is small enough to store it in small places. It measures 22 x 18.5 x 22 inches and it weighs 16 lbs, so it’s quite lightweight. In what concerns the ease of use, the model won’t pose any difficulties because it will basically do all the job for you. Unbelievable, but true.

In conclusion, we truly recommend the Polaris F9450 Sport because it won’t disappoint you when it comes to keeping your pool sparkling clean at all times. The price of the unit has now been reduced to $955.99, so take the opportunity to replace your old pool cleaner with an automatic one.