Water Features for Gardens

Gardens with water features are the dream of many garden owners. Water features are things of beauty, very soothing and beautiful additions to a yard or garden. Whether it’s a fountain, a waterfall or a pond, water is a beautiful addition to a garden. Check out these three water features for gardens.

Water Fountains

Water Features for Gardens Picture Water Features for Gardens Picture
After you have arranged the garden just as you like, with flowers and trees, grass, lights and a gazebo, it’s time to add an essential element for full relaxation: the fountain. It’s the most simple and the most convenient method to make your garden more beautiful; just add a decorative fountain. This improvement is relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Installing a water fountain can be very simple, relatively economical and it will significantly contribute to the atmosphere of your garden.
If you plan to design a beautiful garden you have to also focus on the choice of plants and flowers and other decoration items. Installing a fountain in your garden is not only relaxing, but adds a distinctive touch to what otherwise might seem plain and conventional.


Water Features for Gardens Picture Water Features for Gardens Picture
For a bird lover, any visit of a bird in his garden is a blessing. Let’s face it, who does not like to hear the melodious chirping of various types of birds? If you’re trying to learn about water features for gardens, keep in mind that water is like a magnet for birds. The role of birdbaths is to attract the birds in your garden. They are entertaining, as they offer a unique show when you want to relax in your garden. Some birdbaths are true works of art; their decorative role should not be underestimated. A garden often visited by birds is a garden that has fewer insects. If you search online you’ll find a wide variety of birdbaths. Some models are suitable for modern gardens and others match a more traditional garden. There are some important things to do when you have a birdbath. One is to make sure to change the water 4-5 times a week, to keep it clean. The second is to never use chemicals.

Water basins

Water Features for Gardens Picture Water Features for Gardens Picture
When it comes to water features for gardens, consider having a water basin in your outdoor garden. Water basins, are very popular in Japan and are known as ‘tsukubai’ or ‘chozubachi’. They have an aesthetic role but also a functional one; they can serve as outdoor garden sinks or as a goldfish bowl. Similar to both water fountains and birdbaths, water basins are bowls that catch water pouring from a nearby spout. When the basin is full,the water overflows, mostly onto rocks that hide a reservoir. The water is circulated from the reservoir into the spout again. The shape of the water basin may have a natural design integrated into the landscape or a modern design, stylized with the entire architectural ensemble.