Japanese Garden Plants

A Japanese garden is an example of meticulousness and beauty achieved through increased attention to detail. If you plan to decorate your own garden in the Japanese style, you will need some specific plants. Here are the most beautiful japanese garden plants.
Japanese Garden Plants Picture Japanese Garden Plants Picture

Evergreen plants

Start by focusing on trees that you want to place in a Japanese garden. Here are some examples of evergreen trees often seen in Asian gardens:

  • Cedar: It is one of the most popular tree to be found in a Japanese garden. It can reach a height of about 40 m(131 feet). However you can choose smaller cedar trees, such as Cedrus deodara, which does not exceed a height of 1.3 m(4 feet). It is a hardy conifer that loves light.
  • Japanese black pine: This tree can easily become the focal point of the garden. It is recommended to place it near a pond, as its branches, bent over the water, will create a spectacular effect. It can be cut to get the look of a bonsai.

Deciduous trees

Deciduous trees are a must in a Japanese garden. Here’s the ones on which you can focus putting in your garden:

  • Red Japanese maple : It is spectacular because of its reddish leaves, and for the form of the branches. After the leaves fall, the greenish bark of the maple provides an incredible view.
  • Ginko tree : The Ginkgo biloba tree is a great looking tree. The leaves turn a golden yellow in autumn. Its leaves are used for therapeutic purposes.


Japanese garden plants include various species of flowers, with various forms and colors, so that the space covered is more varied in appearance. Here are some examples:

  • Azalea: This beautiful flowering plant has evergreen leaves and, moreover, it is resistant. You’ll enjoy the myriad of azaleas flowers at the arrival of spring.
  • Japanese iris: Just like the other species of iris, the Japanese iris also produces flowers with a different spectacular colour. Ensata Iris, one of Japanese iris is the most cultivated in Asian gardens.

    Grass-like plants

    Last but not least, the Japanese garden needs to make room for ornamental grass. Here are some ideas for Japanese garden plants:

  • Ardis japonica: The plant is actually a shrub with permanent green leaves. The height does not exceed 20-40 cm(almost 1 foot). You can adjust its size, so as to cultivate it as an ornamental grass.
  • Angel’s tears: Also called ‘Soleirolia soleirolii’, Angel’s tears is another small plant with evergreen leaves. Its leaves are dark green. The plant prefers location in shady areas.