Halloween Garden Decor Ideas

Halloween is the holiday that celebrates the dead and the tradition says that you have to decorate your house in a scary mood as a tribute to the afterlife and for the spirits to protect you. If you live in a house with a garden, you can also decorate your garden in a Halloween spirit using decorations you can easily make yourself. While the best Halloween costumes of 2015 are more likely to be inspired by celebrities than by spooky characters, we prefer to celebrate Halloween in a traditional manner: scaring trick-or-treaters with spooky decorations.
Halloween Garden Decor Ideas Picture Halloween Garden Decor Ideas Picture

Little ghosts

If you want to transform your garden into a spooky land, hanging some ghosts from place to place is an excellent idea. To do so, you will have to inflate white balloons, cover them with thin white cloth, draw angry eyes and frightened mouths on them and hang them in the trees in your garden. When the wind will blow, the balloons will move and the ghosts will look like they are actually floating.

Freshly dug cemetery

What better garden decorating idea for Halloween than turning your garden into a cemetery? Don’t worry, you won’t have to kill anyone nor dig huge graves, but with some cardboard and a pile of dirt you can create a little grave on your lawn. Turn some cardboard boxes into gravestones and put them into the ground, then put some dirt in front of them to make it look like someone was buried there recently. A plastic hand coming out of the tomb will increase the fear of the children who come asking for candies.
Halloween Garden Decor Ideas Picture Halloween Garden Decor Ideas Picture

Eyeball wreath

This is a great idea of a Halloween decoration and you will surely be appreciated for creating it. You will need some wire shaped as a circle that you will cover with black feathers and decorate with plastic eyeballs you can get at any decoration store. Place the wreath on your front door to scare the children who come Trick-or-Treat. Spiders are also great for decorating your black feather wreath.

Popular pumpkin lanterns

Pumpkins are the most popular and easy to create Halloween decorations and they are great for decorating your garden. Gather your family and carve pumpkins of any shape you want then fill them with candles and place them on your alley or on the steps of your porch. You can also paint some glass jars with orange paint and draw eyes and teeth on them to make them look angry.
Halloween Garden Decor Ideas Picture Halloween Garden Decor Ideas Picture

Angry scarecrows

Scarecrows are great Halloween garden decorations and you can create more than one to have them guarding your yard. With some sticks and some old clothes, your scary puppet can come to life and as a head you can use a carved pumpkin with an angry image. A candle inside the head and some spiders crawling on your scarecrow will complete the picture.