Garden Swing Bed Ideas

Swing beds or hanging beds are the latest trends in garden decorating and many people choose them as a relaxation means on their porch, back yard or any other outdoor space they can use to create a personal corner for themselves and their families. If you are looking for ideas to create a swing bed in your garden, here is a selection of the most interesting and stunning beds you can place outdoors.
Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture

Pay attention to the quality of the mattress

When you decide to build a swing bed in your garden, just make sure the bed will be safe and comfortable, and the mattress has an important part in the level of comfort of the swing bed. When you choose it, make sure it is soft and firm at the same time and that it will sustain your body perfectly, just like your sleeping mattress sustains your body while you sleep. Look for the 2015 top rated mattresses and choose the one most convenient for you. Depending on the shape of the frame and the size of the swing bed, opt for foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses that are very comfortable and durable.

If you don’t know which mattress to choose, we invite you to visit mattress websites where you will find useful advice for buying a quality mattress. The waterproof aspect is important as well, considering you will place it outdoors, where there will be changes of temperature and humidity, so opt for a well-ventilated model that will keep its interior dry and clean. If you can find a mattress with an airy interior, choose any one of the 2015 top rated mattresses and use a waterproof cover for it.
Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture

Go for a wood bed or a metallic bed

The frame is basically the main part of the swing bed, the one that will attract the attention, but will also have to support the weight, so make sure the bed is stable and strong. You can choose an old bed frame that used to stay in your bedroom before redecorating and it can be a wood one or a metal one, depending on the type of décor you want to create. Or you can use those wooden pallets you have been trying to find a utility for and create a wooden base for your swing bed.
Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture

Hang it from the roof with rope or chains

Once you chose the frame, it is time to hang the swing bed from the ceiling and you can opt for rope or chains. No matter what you chose for hanging, keep in mind that the straps need to be strong and safe so that they will not break and the bed will not fall.
Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture

Opt for a swing couch

A swing couch will surely impress your friends when you invite them over for a coffee on your porch. Couches are great for small and narrow places, like porches, and will look great in a corner of your garden, under a sleek roof. Place some pillows on the couch and a coffee table in front of it and you have a perfect place to receive your guests.
Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture Garden Swing Bed Ideas Picture

Decorate the bed as you like

The nicest part of the swing bed is the decorating part, where you get to put your print on colors, shapes, and fabrics. If you are more of a romantic person, you can build a canopy bed with silk drapes worthy of a queen, or you can create a playful bed covered in colorful pillows. You can create a theme, like a beach bed, a forest bed, a princess bed, or any other decor you want.