French Garden Design

The French gardens are characterized by a geometric design where everything is perfectly organized and defined. Developed during the Renaissance and Baroque period, French gardens were and still are a source of inspiration for gardens in every part of the world. If you like harmony and discipline, then the French garden design might suit you.

The area recommended for French-style garden

French Garden Design Picture French Garden Design Picture
A french garden design is built in flat, straight, and spacious spaces. In general, a French-style garden can be arranged in a courtyard by measuring space and determining its center. Then you can start placing a fountain, and around it to place flowers and alleys. No matter how small is the space for a garden , it must allow at least a short walk.

Water features

French Garden Design Picture French Garden Design Picture
Water is an essential component in any French garden design. A great way to revitalize the garden is by installing a fountain, a pool or a small pound. These improvements are relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Installing a garden fountain can be very simple, relatively economical and will contribute significantly to the atmosphere of your yard.
The material of the fountain should be chosen with care, avoiding the appearance of kitsch fountains.
Bird baths are a great way to customize your space and bring a touch of freshness to your garden. Make sure that the depth of the birdbath does not exceed 6 inches, to ensure the birds won’t drown. Change the water regularly, to keep it fresh and clean.

French garden vegetation

French Garden Design Picture French Garden Design Picture
Regarding french garden design, the plants used for setting up a French-style gardens are especially lavender, dahlias, Cannas and Agapanthus.
French garden plants are arranged orderly, after precise calculations. The layers of plants must provide a harmonious design for your garden. Use straight lines, circles, spirals and other geometric shapes very well defined.
The flowers can be arranged according to your taste, in various color combinations. The green trees will blend beautiful among the purple, red, yellow or pink flowers.
Sage, juniper, lavender and sage are very helpful in decorating the French garden. The roses and multicolored imperial lilies will add elegance. Also, irises, planted in large bunches will be of great value to the garden.


French Garden Design Picture French Garden Design Picture
When it comes to the french garden design, harmony is the key word. An alley that grants access between the entrance in the garden and the main entrance of the house will be wider and made of a durable material. On the other hand, a decorative pathway can only divide the garden in several specific areas, highlighting certain plants, floral arrangements and landscapes. Alleys have their own design, these forms can be circular or rectangular. Garden paths can be covered with stone or gravel of various shades.