Finding the Right Snowblower for Each Yard

If you plan to use a snowblower is good to know that there are a number of rules that is indicated to follow in order to obtain the desired results. A snowblower is used to remove snow from various surfaces, parks, alleys, etc. Also, it’s good to know that these snowblowers can be of several types and can operate in different ways, so if you’re interested in purchasing a snowblower, follow these guidelines.
Finding the Right Snowblower for Each Yard Picture Finding the Right Snowblower for Each Yard Picture

Types of snow blowers

There are two types of snowblowers: single-stage or two-stage. The single stage snow blowers can operate on electricity or oil and have the advantage that they are lighter thanks to their small size. Therefore they are easier to handle and can effectively access narrow spaces around a home or an office; the two-stage snow blowers can not penetrate because of their larger size. By contrast, two-stage snow blowers run on fuel, are equipped with a powerful engine and a fuel tank and therefore have an increased range of operation. These professional machines are equipped with two blades, the first being designed to break the ice while preventing accidental discharge of gravel and other hard objects, the snow and ice fragments are then taken over by the second blade which will crumble and evict the snow.

The optimal width for the snow blower

Once you have established what type of snowblower would be more convenient for you, you should also pay extra attention to the width of the snowblower chosen and to the additional functions. Therefore, smaller widths of up to 60cm are ideal for handling the snowblower through narrow alleys and pathways, thus being able to clear the snow layer exceeding 25cm in record time without resorting to other cleaning methods.

Take into consideration the area needed to be cleaned

When you buy a snow blower should take into consideration the are you want to clean and the specific type of snow in your area. A powerful snow blower will save you time. Small areas covered with dry snow require less power of the machine.

How to take a decision

To decide on what is the best snow blower model for you, ask yourself the following questions to help you choose the most appropriate snowblower for your needs and budget:
1. How much snow I usually clean in one year?
2. What is the texture/type of snow in my area?
3. On what type of terrain should I use my snow blower?
4. Can I get fast service and technical support?
5. Are there manufacturers who can provide professional snowblowers at affordable prices?