Christmas Garden Decor

The celebration of Christmas is fast approaching and the shopping season has already begun. If you’ve thought about how you will decorate the tree and the house, you could also consider decorating the space around the house. Get inspired with these 7 ideas for Christmas garden decor.
Christmas Garden Decor Picture Christmas Garden Decor Picture

Miniature Christmas trees

Choose a few small conifer shrubs to spread the Christmas tree symbol in various parts of your yard. Small conifers and shrubs in pots are excellent decorative items for the garden. Wrap foil or pieces of fabric around the pots and add other Christmas decorations, shiny ornaments and ribbons to enhance the decor.

Christmas lights

These are among the most popular and spectacular decorations. Christmas lights are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can place the lights outdoors, on the windows, the porch, the gazebo etc., and anywhere in the garden on trees, fences, along walkways.

Decorate the plants

The plants that survive in winter can decorate your garden in a beautiful manner, especially if you apply some colored ribbons.
Among the plants that you can leave in the garden during the winter: hydrangea, rhododendron, camellia, etc.

Decorate trees in the garden

Also, consider decorating the trees in your garden. Choose durable ornaments and do not hesitate to opt for handmade decorations; that are cheaper, but equally spectacular. For example, take your old boxes from the attic and transform them into colorful Christmas gifts. Place them at the base of trees or directly in trees.

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are ideal for the garden. You can turn them into beautiful decorations for your garden. Fill some hanging baskets with artificial snow, ornaments and tiny white lights, and they will turn into beautiful decoration items for even the darkest corners of your garden.

Decorate the stairs

The stairs in your garden can turn into mystical Christmas decorations, if you choose to place a few candles in glass vases filled with artificial snow and a few dried cranberries. If they sit on a bed of branches, they will look even more sophisticated and festive.

Improvise with old pots

If you have an old forgotten flower pot sitting in your garden, this is the time to bring it back to life. Paint it gold, red or silver, wrap some yellow and red lights at the base and place some bamboo sticks or branches. If you add a ribbon that is slightly transparent, your decor will become more elegant and festive.