Can Unfiltered Tap Water Affect the Well Being of Your Plants?

Just like any other living thing, plants rely on water for surviving, and they require proper care to stay strong and green. Decorating your house with beautiful plants and flowers can add a cheerful vibe to the atmosphere, but if you don’t know how to grow them, they might become limp. So, to enjoy the benefits of indoor plants for as long as possible, you should consider watering them as required. Furthermore, we advise you to analyze your water quality reports to find out what contaminants it contains. Studies have shown that tap water can affect the well being of greens, so measures should be taken accordingly.

Can Unfiltered Tap Water Affect the Well Being of Your Plants? Picture Can Unfiltered Tap Water Affect the Well Being of Your Plants? Picture

Why does unfiltered water affect houseplants?

Poor quality water can be very dangerous for your indoor plants. Tap water that contains contaminants can harm plants, causing them to droop and to turn brown. Since most municipalities use chlorine to kill bacteria that exists in water, unfiltered water is loaded with this water disinfectant, which is very bad for plants. Furthermore, there are areas with hard water, which represents another risk for your plants. Therefore, although using unfiltered tap water to keep your plants alive might seem the most affordable solution for having a home full of beautiful plants, you can take some simple precautions to prevent your plants from fading.

What plants are more affected by unfiltered water?

Some plants are more sensitive than others to water contaminants. Furthermore, dracaenas, palms and spider plants can’t tolerate fluoride and salts. Therefore, if you notice that a white crust forms on the surface of the soil, it means that your tap water contains a high level of sodium, which can negatively impact the well being of your plants. In vase that you have only one or two potted plants, you can use bottled water to keep them alive, but if you have more than that, this solution can turn out to be very expensive.

How to combat tap water problems?

The best thing you can do to ensure that watering your plants with tap water won’t cause them any harm is to install one of the best whole house water filter systems. On the market, you can also find under sink water filters and faucet mount water filters, but the whole house water filtering systems are by far the best ones.

When considering various models, keep in mind that the best whole house water filter systems should remove chlorine, fluoride, chemicals and other impurities that can affect your plants. If you wish to make sure that you will invest in the best whole house filter, start by perusing the reviews presented on These reviews will help you understand that these contaminants can affect the safety of humans too, so a water filtering system is more than welcomed to provide your family with healthy, clean water.