Building a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are also called garden boxes (they are different from garden planters). They are great for growing flowers and vegetables because they serve as a barrier against pests and provide good drainage. Building a raised garden bed is relatively easy, you just need durable and sturdy materials. Here are some useful raised bed gardening tips:

Building a Raised Garden Bed Picture Building a Raised Garden Bed Picture

Planning and Design

1. Pick a leveled location with a proper amount of sunlight.
2. To avoid stepping into the bed when gardening, built a bed with a width of approximately 4 feet.
3. As for length, design a garden bed of 8 feet or 12 feet long.
4. Plants need a minimum of 6 inches of depth to grow but the depth can also vary.
5. Before building a raised garden bed, loosen the soil with a garden fork.


You can use a variety of materials for building a raised garden bed.
1. Wood: Pressure-treated wood is generally labeled as organic growing but nowadays, the lumber has chemicals applied to prevent the wood from rotting. A safer alternative is to use expensive woods, such as cedar, which contains natural oil, preventing it from rotting. Therefore, the wood is more durable and will last for many years. One of the best raised bed gardening tips is to use thicker boards that will expand the lifespan of your wood.
2. Concrete: You can choose concrete bricks or blocks. However, keep in mind that concrete will increase the ph in soil as time goes by.
3. Railroad ties: Although some people still use this method, it’s highly advisable to avoid using newer ties because they are toxic. If you don’t have another alternative you can opt for old ties.


To start building a raised garden bed, this is what you have to do.
1. Determine the size of your raised garden bed and start leveling the ground.
2. To make the walls of your garden bed, start with 1 foot long 4×4 for the corner posts, four 2 foot long 2×2 for center stakes and eight 4 foot long 2×6 for side rails.
3. On each corner of the square place the 4x4s corner posts. To connect them choose a wall and screw the first of 2×6 side rails. The second 2×6 stack them on top.To make sure the rails and posts are lined up use an angle square.
4. Connect the walls by screwing two side rails to the posts .
5. Make sure the frame of the bed garden is square. Measure both directions across the bed garden and adjust size where needed.
6. Pick a stake and place it at the middle of one of the walls. Then pound it into the ground so the top is leveled with the top of the rail. Repeat with the remaining three walls.
7. Once you’ve finished building your bed garden, fill it with soil and water it.
8. Start planting your flowers or vegetables.